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The Virginia Creepers play old-time music. Formed in New Mexico 30 years ago, the band is drawn to weird, old, crooked tunes from exotic places like West Virginia and Kentucky, lively dance tunes that they play for squares and contras, and songs about hard times, trains, and whiskey, all ranging in age from the Civil War era and earlier to newer pieces in the old-time style. The Creepers are: Rick Olcott on guitar, Laurie Phillips on mandola, Jane Phillips on fiddle, Marc Robert on bass and banjo, and Michel Robert on fiddle. All of them sing now and then.

Based in Albuquerque, they play around NM and beyond for dances, parties, and festivals, and as soothing background music for the quiet and studious patrons of saloons and taverns. The Creepers hosted a weekly old-time jam at Tractor Brewing in Nob Hill for over 7 years, until the pandemic shutdowns. They continued the tradition with virtual jam-along sessions on Facebook Live, racking up over 50 of them before returning to the in-person jams in late March, 2022. During the pandemic era they also finished a recording project that was started just before the COVID closures, and their CD was released into the wild on March 17, 2022.


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Virginia Creepers: weird, old, crooked tunes, lively dance tunes, and songs about hard times, trains, and whiskey.


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Old-time stringband, playing the hits of the 1850s since 1991.